About Us

What is The Golden Flashes Club?

The Golden Flashes Club, formerly the Blue & Gold Athletic Fund, is a group comprised of passionate donors to Kent State Athletics.

The Golden Flashes Club depends on philanthropy to provide Kent State student-athletes the variety of assistance they need to excel academically and athletically. Your tax-deductible gift to The Golden Flashes Club allows Kent State to provide grant-in-aid support to more than 400 student-athletes every year, as well as operational support for 18 varsity sport programs.

Your generous investment enables us to enhance the Kent State experience for these young men and women, for whom which our goal is to develop them into successful individuals who will go forth as ambassadors of this fine institution.

Since the inception of The Golden Flashes Club, the continued investment of its members has enabled Kent State Athletics to attain high levels of achievement. Our student-athletes continue to be among the finest in the country both in the classroom and in athletic competition. In order to provide them with every opportunity to succeed academically and athletically, The Golden Flashes Club needs your generous assistance.

Who is in The Club

While it is an exclusive club, we are entirely inclusive to the Kent State Athletics community, encompassing former student-athletes, donors, fans, season ticket holders, faculty/staff, and the City of Kent and surrounding areas. The Golden Flashes Club offers a wide range of benefits and club member-only events. New benefits include more experience-based opportunities that allow you greater insider access into Kent State Athletics.

How to Join The Club

Any gift to Kent State Athletics earns you a place in The Golden Flashes Club. A gift of $100 or more makes you a “member” and eligible to receive benefits. Learn more about the Ways to Give.

The Future

Although our accomplishments are many, we must continue to build a strong foundation. The challenges ahead of Kent State Athletics are great. Your leadership will provide our student-athletes and coaches with the necessary tools and resources to continue to thrive in the highly competitive Mid-American Conference and the NCAA.

As a member of the Mid-American Conference (MAC) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Kent University must abide by the rules and regulations established by the conference and association as they apply to all aspects of its athletics program. The Kent State University Intercollegiate Athletics Donor Guide is available for review. It would be impossible to communicate all of the NCAA rules and regulations in a quick reference list. The information available through our Donor Guide is an attempt to provide you with basic definitions and identify common “do’s” and “don’ts.”

The Present

SupportGoldenFlashes is not only a platform for philanthropy and donations to Kent State Athletics but also serves as a comprehensive website that offers various features to assist and engage the vibrant community of sports enthusiasts. Here are the key components of SupportGoldenFlashes:

Game Guides and Tutorials: SupportGoldenFlashes provides detailed game guides and tutorials for various sports played at Kent State University. Whether you’re a new player looking to learn the basics or an experienced athlete seeking advanced techniques, the website offers valuable insights to enhance your gameplay.

News and Updates: Stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in the world of Kent State Athletics through the news section. SupportGoldenFlashes regularly publishes articles covering match results, team updates, player interviews, and other relevant sports-related news.

Game Codes and Rewards: As a token of appreciation to the loyal fans and supporters, SupportGoldenFlashes occasionally releases special game codes that unlock exclusive in-game rewards, merchandise, or discounts. These codes can be redeemed on the respective sports’ platforms.

Community Interaction: The website fosters a strong sense of community by providing forums, chat rooms, and social media integration where fans, players, and donors can interact, share their experiences, and discuss their passion for Kent State Athletics.

Insider Access: Being a member of The Golden Flashes Club grants you access to exclusive insider content on SupportGoldenFlashes. Get behind-the-scenes glimpses, interviews with players and coaches, and access to special events that are only available to club members.

Support and Contributions: In addition to facilitating donations through The Golden Flashes Club, SupportGoldenFlashes offers a streamlined process for fans to contribute directly to specific sports programs or individual student-athletes they wish to support.

Join SupportGoldenFlashes today to not only contribute to the success of Kent State Athletics but also to immerse yourself in a thriving online community that shares the same passion for sports and fosters a supportive environment for student-athletes. Together, we can help the Golden Flashes soar to greater heights of excellence both on and off the field.