The Ultimate Fix for Pokemon Go Shop Not Working in 2023

If the shop in Pokemon Go is not working for you, you do not need to worry.

You have come to the right place, and I will show you how to fix the issue.

There are a lot of gamers who have faced the same issue. Luckily, the fixes are pretty easy to follow.



Why is the shop not working in Pokemon Go?

The main reason why no Shop is working on Pokemon GO is due to a bug in the game that causes the shop not to load or purchase to not complete. Other reasons are related to internet/connectivity issues. Reset the game to fix the error

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What Happens When Shop Is Not Working In Pokemon Go?

When the shop is not working in Pokemon Go, two things might happen. You might not be able to enter the shop as it will show a blank screen. Even if you are able to enter the shop, once you buy something, it will keep on loading forever.

Pokemon Go is one of the best mobile AR games. It achieved massive success in a small time span. The game allows you to move around the real world and use AR to find and collect Pokemons. It is a one-of-a-kind game.

Since its inception in 2016, developer Niantic has added a lot of features to the game. You have an in-game shop where you can buy PokeBalls and other stuff. But sometimes, the shop does not work. It happens primarily due to a bug in the game.

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When the shop does not work, it creates two issues.

Firstly, the shop does not load at all. When you try to enter the shop, it shows a blank white screen, and that’s it.

There is no progress, and it feels like the app has frozen. But that is not the case. The game does not freeze, but only the shop is not loading.

Secondly, if you are able to enter the shop, another issue comes out. After browsing for a while, you find the item you want to buy. But once you try to buy the item, a loading PokeBall will show up, which is standard. But the loading PokeBall will not go away. Instead, it will continue spinning.

At that point, you have no choice but to close the app and try again, only to find the same issue. Shop not working is quite a frustrating issue, especially if you need to buy something quickly. If you have something important to buy, the shop issue can stop you from doing so.

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How To Fix Shop Not Working Pokemon Go

To fix Pokemon Go shop not working is not relatively complex.

Instead, the steps are short and straightforward.


Here’s how to fix shop not working on Pokemon GO:

1. Check for updates

The primary reason behind the shop not working in Pokemon Go is a game bug. Pokemon Go has had a lot of bugs since its release.

Most of them are fixed through updates over time. So it is always the best idea to check for updates when you find an issue.

Though your game should automatically update to the latest version, sometimes it might miss doing so. Therefore, check for updates manually by going to the app store.

If there is an update, make sure to install the update.

2. Reinstall Pokemon Go

You might have tried reinstalling the game or restarting your phone to check if it solved the issue, but it did not.

But hear me out. Many gamers have reported that doing these trivial steps in a specific order helps solve the problem.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Uninstall Pokemon Go from your device.
  • Restart your device.
  • Go to your app store and install Pokemon Go. Do not open the game.
  • Restart your device again.
  • Launch Pokemon Go.
  • Try entering the shop and buying something.

For most gamers, it should work now.

If it did not, the problem might be entitled to the network or connectivity. So the next steps aim to fix network issues.

3. Switch connectivity

A lot of times, it is seen that switching the connection solves loading issues. Several gamers have reported that the Pokemon Go shop works just fine once they have changed the connectivity.

So if you are trying to load shop using WiFi, you can switch to mobile data.

In case you do not have access to mobile data on your device, you can create a hotspot using mobile data on another device and then connect to it using WiFi.

In this case, though you are using the WiFi, you are using a different connection (the data connection of the other device) to connect to the shop.

But, if you are using mobile data to connect to the shop, you can choose WiFi instead.

However, after switching the connection, you need to restart your device. Several gamers stated that simply switching the connection and re-launching the game does not work.

So, after you have switched the connection, make sure to restart your device. Then, you can launch Pokemon Go and check if it has solved your issue.

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4. Use another device

If none of the above methods worked for you, this step is the best solution. The instructions are pretty simple: just use another device to sign in and use shop in Pokemon Go.

But, you need to have access to another device in the first place. If you do not, you can try emulators on your computer.

Download and install an Android emulator like BlueStacks. Then install Pokemon Go in there. Once you do that, try to access the Pokemon Go shop there. It should work.

However, if you have access to another device, the process is relatively easy. Just install Pokemon Go on that device and sign in using the credentials of your Pokemon Go account.

Then the shop should work just fine. It is the most effective when you have an iOS device where the shop does not work, and you use an Android device to access the shop.

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5. Sign out of Apple Store

If you are facing the issue on an iOS device, there is a specific fix for you. The shop in Pokemon Go does not work due to a conflict with the Apple ID.

So as a workaround, you can do the following:

  • Make sure you have enough PokeCoins to buy the free daily pass.
  • Logout of your App Store. Go to device settings, tap on your Apple ID, then scroll all the way down. You will see an option to Sign Out. Tap on it to log out successfully.
  • Launch Pokemon Go.
  • Go to the shop and buy the free daily pass using PokeCoins.
  • Try to buy PokeCoins. It will ask you to sign back in.
  • Sign in using your Apple ID. Now you should be able to complete the purchase.
  • Try to buy other items, and they should work for you.

If you want to purchase something in the future, you have to repeat the steps.

I know it is quite a tedious process. But until there is an official fix, you have no other options.

What Is A Shop In Pokemon Go?

In Pokemon Go, Shop is an in-game market where you can buy stuff like PokeCoins and items. You can use PokeCoins to buy items and upgrade them. If you run out of PokeCoins, you can buy them using real money.

Millions around the world play Pokemon Go. The shop is regularly updated with the latest items and more.

You can redeem promo codes that you collect from various social promotions or purchases.

You can even buy item upgrades to make your items even better.

If you have run out of PokeCoins, you can always buy more using the in-app purchases.

Accessing the shop is relatively easy. Tap on the PokeBall from the main screen. You will see the menu with some icons. From there, tap on the Shop icon to open the shop.


Question: Why can’t I purchase things in Pokemon Go?

Answer: If you can’t purchase things in Pokemon Go, most probably it is due to a bug in the game.

Question: Does Pokemon Go have in-app purchases?

Answer: Yes, Pokemon Go has in-app purchases that you can use to buy PokeCoins. PokeCoin is the currency used in Pokemon Go.

Question: How do you buy Pokecoins in Pokemon Go?

Answer: To buy PokeCoins in Pokemon Go, go to the main menu by tapping on the Pokeball from the main screen. Then, tap on the shop icon to open shop. Here, you have the option to buy PokeCoins.

Final Thoughts

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular Pokemon mobile games. The unique use of AR or Augmented Reality made the game very interesting.

Gamers want to buy items or upgrade them in the game. To do so, one needs to go to the shop.

But sometimes, the shop does not work correctly. Either it fails to load, or it does not let one purchase anything.

The issue arises due to a bug. The good thing is, there are some easy steps to fix the issue.

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